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Visum USA

A-1: ambassadors, public ministers, career diplomats,
consular officers and immediate family.
A-2: other officials and employees accredited by
a foreign government and immediate family.
A-3: attendants, servants, and personal employees
of the above categories.
B-1: business visitors (non media).
B-2: visitors for pleasure (tourists).
C-1: a foreign traveler in immediate and
continuous transit through the United States.
D-1: crewmen on board a vessel who land
temporarily in the U.S.
D-2: crewmen on a fishing vessel with home port
in the U.S. who intend to land temporarily in Guam.
E-1: treaty traders.
E-2: treaty investors.

E-3: Australian nationals in specialty occupations.
F-1: students (in colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic
high schools and language training programs).
F-2: immediate family members of aliens on an F-1.
G-1: designated principal resident representatives of a foreign government that is a
member of an international organization.
G-2: other accredited representatives of such foreign governments.
G-3: representatives of foreign governments who would quality for G-1 and G-2 status
except for the fact that their governments are not members of international
organizations entitled to privileges and immunities under the International
Organizations Immunities Act.
G-4: officers and employees of such international organizations.
G-5: attendants, servants and personal employees of any such representatives.
H-1B: aliens in specialty occupations or fashion models of distinguished merit;
certain department of defense employees.
H-1C: nurses in underserved areas.
H-2A: temporary agricultural workers.
H-2B: temporary workers for non agricultural positions.
H-3: temporary trainees.
H-4: immediate family members of aliens on an H-1, H-2 or H-3.
I:   Representatives of the foreign press and their family members.
J-1: Exchange visitors.
J-2: Immediate family members of aliens on a J-1.
K-1: Fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizen coming to the U.S. to get married. (one of the few visas
where the holder does not have to claim an intention to remain in the U.S. temporarily);
K-3: spouses of U.S. citizens.
K-4: minor children of K-3.
L-1: intra-company transferees who work for a subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of a foreign
company in a position that is managerial or executive (L-1A), or who have specialized
knowledge (L-1B).
L-2: immediate family of aliens on an L-1.
M-1: vocational and non-academic students.
M-2: immediate family of aliens on an M-1.
N-8: parents of children who have been accorded special immigrant status.
N-9: children of parents who have been accorded special immigrant status or are on
an N-8.
NATO-1 through NATO-7: aliens coming to the U.S. under provisions of the NATO treaty.
O-1: aliens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.
O-2: support staff of aliens on an O-1.
O-3: immediate family of aliens on an O-1 or O-2.
P-1: athletes and group entertainers of international recognition and integral support staff.
P-2: entertainers, individually or as a group, on an exchange program.
P-3: artists and entertainers, individually or as a group, who perform or teach under
a program that is culturally unique.
P-4: immediate family of aliens on a P-1, P-2, and P-3.
Q-1: international cultural exchange visitors.
Q-2: immediate family of aliens on a Q-2.
R-1: ministers and other religious workers.
R-2: immediate family of aliens on an R-1.
S-5: witnesses and informants in criminal investigations and prosecutions.
S-6: witnesses and informants in matters involving counter-terrorism.
S-7: immediate family of aliens on an S-5 or S-6.
T-1: certain victims of human trafficking who agree to assist law enforcement in testifying
against the perpetrators.
T-2: spouses of T-1 applicants
T-3: children of T-1 applicants
T-4: parents of T-1 applicants who are children
TC: Canadian „professionals“ pursuant to the Free Trade Agreement (pre NAFTA).
TN: Canadian (TN-1) or Mexican (TN-2) „professionals“ pursuant to NAFTA.
TD: immediate family of aliens on a TN.
U:  victims of violence (created by the „Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000“)
V:  spouses (V-1) and minor children (V-2 and V-3) of lawful permanent residents
WB: aliens here for business pursuant to the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (business visitor).
WT: aliens here for pleasure pursuant to the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (tourist visitor).


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